Monday, 31 January 2011

Added 6 samples of Alternate Processing ("Cross-Processing) to Ride Relief Gallery 2

Hi all

I just added 6 samples of photo 'alternate processing' or 'cross processing' to Queensland Ride Relief Gallery 2:

Kodak BW CN Curve:

Matt's High Key Effect 3 (Highest):

A bit 'strong' - but - "PH Light Dress":

One of my favourite presets, "Dave Hill Temp":

PH Surreal Moment:
10x8 - Queensland Ride Relief, led by Lance Armstrong, Robbie McEwen & Allan Davis; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Monday 24 January 2011. Photos by Des Thureson - PH Surreal Moment.

Kodak BW CN Curve:

The Queensland Ride Relief (with Lance Armstrong) Photo Gallery Number 2, link

Thanks for looking.


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